The ČMAPM aim is to create an environment helping ladies to do their business, communicate mutually and exchange the information for development support of their business activities. We offer our member also a regular training based on individual advisory and coaching and the Monitoring project, where the women entrepreneurs take care of their colleagues while started up. They are offered with advisory and traineeship in companies.  

Women – managers and entrepreneurs – started meeting each other after the Velvet Revolution in 1989. The Association of Women entrepreneurs and managers (Asociace podnikatelek a manažerek, APM) was established in 1990 in Prague  with the aim to consolidate working ladies and establish the information and consultation network supporting women education and endeavor the development of business and managerial activities of women in the Czech Republic.



The first trials to create the similar regional clubs in Brno were made in 1992, but there were not proper conditions to do that.

Three years later, in 1995, the first regional club as a part of APM was established in Brno. Based on the initiation of the APM ex-chairwoman, Doc Miloslava Umlaufová, RNDr. Anna Putnova from the Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Business and Management, initiated the first meeting on November 16, 1995.  The member of the new established Regional Club of APM started to meet regularly every first Thursday of a month in the Press Club in Kotlarska St. Every activity was based on voluntary and friendly support of members and sponsors.

In January 2000 the Brno’s Regional Club of APM split and the Moravian Association of Woman Entrepreneurs and Managers was established. It concentrated about thirty ladies, especially from Brno’s territory. The ladies met once a month in the International Hotel at the meetings with professional lectures or at another club’s events.


In 2000 the significant changes in the MAMP organizational structure were made. The number of members grew to women entrepreneurs and managers from Ostrava, agreed the new Statues, split into two Regional Clubs – in Brno and Ostrava, a new MAPM headquarters was established.  

In 2012 the association changed its name into the ČMAPM, because new Regional Clubs were established also in Bohemia – Svitavy and Prague.


Currently there are xx members in the ČMAPM.