Iternational conferences

Woman - The Creative Personality of the Third Millennium”
International Conferences

"Women represent a big potential in the society. Such a fact reflects our conferences where the woman entrepreneurs and managers from the Middle Europe and worldwide meet. From the mutual meetings and conference discussions many inspirational ideas, successful business projects and personal friendships"

Olga Girstlová, conference president


Such an initiation was created in the Czech Republic as a project of Moravian Association of Woman entrepreneurs and managers, was primarily focused on Czech and Slovak women managing their own small and middle sized enterprises. Their main aim was to exchange experience, establishing of new contacts and woman’s collaboration in regional, national and international levels.


The first conference in Prague laid the foundations of extraordinary tradition of professional woman’s meetings worldwide. The conference has become the global, a very prestige and representative event. Since 2000 up to 2014 there were organized 10s events in nine cities (Praha, Brno, Bratislava, New York, Nairobi, Sonestown, Venice, St. Petersburg, Sao Paulo) in forth continents with the total number of 1000 participants.


The significant entrepreneurs and woman’s entrepreneurs, diplomats, politicians, academic workers, economists and professionals from many fields, artists and representatives of non-profit organizations attended the conferences. Many very important peoples visited us including Tomas Bata and his wife Sonja and Ana Vrzanova, the first conference patrons.